Current Issue

Vol. 16 No. 1 (2017)

Note that Volume 16 will be published on a rolling schedule. Check back soon for new articles.

Front Matter

Jason Culmone

vol. 16, pp. 1-13, 2017

Devon Coutts

Ontological Vibrations in Merleau-Ponty: Metaphor, Voice, and Linguistic Figuration
vol. 16, pp. 14-26, 2017

Josie E. Richards
Silencing the Voices? The Reactionary Rhetoric of #AllLivesMatter
vol. 16, pp. 27-36 2017

Michael Regier
Rebellious Subjects- Ricœur and Kierkegaard on Resisting Ideological Identities
vol. 16, pp. 37-48

Articles to come:

Leonidas Alnakidis
Reading the Artist: The Mapplethorpe Effect. Internarrative, Derridean and Psychoanalytic Considerations

Michael Furac
The Contingency and Individualism of Imperfect Happiness in Thomas Aquinas

Tomas Vazquez Rojas
« Je ne suis pas un texte à décrypter, mais un travail à entreprendre » : La Consolation de Philosophie de Boèce face à la tradition de la Satire Ménippée

Samantha Wesch
Kant on Booze: Duties to Self and the Consumption of Alcohol in Kant’s Ethics