Vol. 16 (2017)

This issue of Gnosis brings together four excellent articles from young scholars across North America on diverse topics selected by blind peer review from our annual general call for papers.

CLICK HERE to view this issue.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the publication of this issue:

Managing Editors
Cameron McIntyre
Rachel Wallace

Sanjit Chakraborty
Laura Gallivan
Madeline Glowicki
Deniz Guvenc
Philippe-Antoine Hoyeck
Magdelena Ivasecko
Alexander Katsanis
Nicholas Kirklaan
Jozef Lewitzky
Matthew Palynchuk
Gabrielle Polce
Katie Sherman
Adam Shipper
Joshua Smith
Matthew Smithdeal

Leonidas Alnakidis
Devon Coutts
Jason Culmone
Michael Furac
Michael Regier
Josephine Richards
Tomas Vazquez Rojas
Samantha Wesch

Thank you for the continuing interest in our work. We hope you find wisdom in the pages.

Kay Rollans
Editor in Chief
Concordia University

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